A gifted author, businessman, motivational speaker and well sought-after youth mentor, D. Allen Miller refers to himself as a loving, humble man with a passion for greatness. He was born in Saint Louis, Missouri, and spent much of his childhood and adolescence between Brooklyn, Illinois, and Tacoma, Washington. 

On a quest to help improve conditions in the black community, D. Allen Miller is a well-versed student on the subjects of community development and personal empowerment. His formal education consists of General Studies, Electrical Engineering, Professional Writing, Business Administration and Horticultural Science. Yet D. Allen feels he has acquired the bulk of his knowledge through self-education and experience.

Naturally inclined to make inquiries about life and its meaning from his early youth, D. Allen Miller soon came to a point in his life that would require intense introspection. It is there where everything changed, setting him on a spiritually inspired mission to serve and uplift. He would soon begin to travel the world, absorbing all the knowledge and wisdom he could from different cultures to assist him in his goal of reaching his highest potential. Recognized as highly spiritual amongst family, friends and professional acquaintances, D. Allen has practically granted his life to the spiritual and personal development of others.

Patty Kubitschek, Adjunct Faculty at Lindenwood University and Harris-Stowe State University, stated, “I really enjoy listening to Mr. Miller. His words ring true and effortlessly from his tongue, inspiring me to become my best. It’s an honor to have worked with him.”  Hundreds of similar reviews can be found on his websites, social media and literary works.

The author of many books, articles and essays, D. Allen is the founder of Prevail Institute for Flourishing Communities, Inc. and the proprietor of Asset Building & Design, LLC. Devoted to being a force for real, meaningful change, D. Allen Miller is a father, team player, and frequent contributor to a host of nonprofit initiatives. 

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