Delivered by D. A. Miller at the "Breaking the Chains Conference" (January 2017/Puyallup, WA)

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen:

Today is a great day, a shining moment filled with the rhythm of love, the fortunes of humility, the might of caring and sharing, the stimulating thread of innovation, the forward-motioned wheels of progress, and the tremendous strength of unity. With that said, I’m ever appreciative of everyone in attendance. You could have remained in the comforts of your home or chose to be anywhere else your heart desired, yet you chose to be here, and it’s a sincere honor to be in your presence. My grandest promise to you is that I will not fumble with your attention, your interest, or your time.

“So what now?” one may be asking him or herself. “Here we go again,” another may be saying. “I pray this isn’t some scam to try to get my money,” a few may be thinking. Well, guess what? This occasion is filled with meaningful purpose; it’s a renewed effort to move ourselves and communities forward. Yes, it’s a long-term endeavor that will require a constant stream of finances to fulfill its mission. It’s also a laborious undertaking that requires your mental contribution, your physical effort, and your commitment to stay the course. But here are a short list of the fruits associated with our ability to dream as a team, our ability to remain cohesive as a bunch, our ability to check our egos and embrace our capacity for self-improvement, our capability to lead by example, the wherewithal to collectively brawl against the degrading forces of social indecency, violence, injustice of every sort, academic and/or intellectual ignorance, widely accepted untruths that paralyze growth, political and administrative corruption associated with our immediate environments, economic disadvantages, insufficient parenting, and of course more:

1. Smarter children; 2. better economical opportunities; 3. stronger, more enmeshed families; 4. world travel that will broaden our awareness; 5. improved personal credit; 6. accessibility to increased resources; 7. safer communities; 8. guaranteed health, dental and vision insurance; 9. fun; 10. a sense of accomplishment; 11. a support base that matters; 12. spiritual growth; 13. wealth building; 14. better control over our destinies; 15. ongoing employment opportunities.

Clearly, we have an arduous task ahead of us. Nevertheless, anything worthwhile, anything of real significance has never come easy. Also, it’s important to remember that our vision will not develop in a single night, just as Rome wasn’t built in a day. So away with all the fantasies and wishful thinking. As a group, we will lace up our boots, slide on our gloves, strap on our helmets and chip away at our goals one day at a time. 

Willing to be held accountable for my actions, also nurturing as a member of this team, it’s my responsibility to keep it real at all times, to shine as a beacon so that the each of us can see through the perils of dark, to exemplify strong morals, to help boost morale amongst my associates, and to aid and assist you whereby you may function from the depths of your highest potential. Undoubtedly—a better you equals a better us. So let’s ride this wave for a while and get down to the science of who we are as in effort of moving forward as a league of like-minded individuals. By the way, like-minded only means having similar tastes and/or opinions. I’m certain there will be indifference; I’m sure there will be challenges, but I’m more confident that we will establish solutions to our problems and peaceful resolutions to our disputes—keeping the promising wheels of transformation turning in a progressive direction.   

The each of us is but a sum of our beliefs, our habits, our decisions, our actions. So wherever we are at this point, that homeboy or that homegirl named Self has much to do with it. Yet here’s the most beautiful thing about this experience called life, it’s never too late to make personal improvements, never too late to affect change in our communities, never too late to make a positive difference in the world. Seriously, neither of us has to continue living our lives on a standstill—if that’s the case. Neither of us has to continue leading an unproductive lifestyle—if that’s the situation, and neither of us has to continue beating on ourselves for missed opportunities or occasional misguided behavior—if that’s the circumstance. All of that can change over a small time if we possess the willpower and the necessary knowledge to replace wrong ideas, negative influences, self-defeating desires, the vast hills of untruths, the glistening sea of irrational thoughts that are causing us all the trouble at first.

You see, there’s a powerful army of diabolical spirits and illogical systems (which often include ourselves) that have been set in place—viciously competing to control our thinking, to influence our decisions, to purposely hinder our ability from developing into our very best. Well, Prevail Institute for Flourishing Communities is here to say enough is enough, that we stand to push back in the almighty name of righteousness, that we exist for the living purpose of brighter days, that we are no longer your unsuspected instruments of prey, your organic puppets of ignorance. Today marks the beginning of a new era, the return of our inner greatness, the revenge of mass productivity, the citadel of love and togetherness.

Family, it’s crucial that we begin to practically rethink much of what we’ve been taught, paramount that we exercise the courage to question a significant percentage of the information in which we’re being fed. A wise man or woman will not allow tradition or oppressive paradigms to continue suffocating and/or suppressing his or her ability to wonder, to think critically, to establish a voice for his or herself based on principles of sound truth, on productive activity that fosters relevant change we can fully embrace. 

Considering everything I’ve just entailed, you are encouraged to challenge the status quo, the prevailing norms, and the fables of yesteryear. Unleash your imagination, an imagination free of faith-based, political, economical and social constraints. Dare to become one with the Universe, that which you are a living reflection. If you do, I assure you that you’ll be bombarded with a constant stream of interesting insights, soon developing an awareness that will lift you out of the abyss of disenchantment, the bowels of regret, the intestines of self-hate, the scorching pit of procrastination, the swallowing valley of senseless fears, and the horror-filled mineshaft of both insecurity and self-doubt. That when we choose to love ourselves, strive to treat others right and make a commitment to reach our full potential, it is there we begin to receive the grandest gifts of life, those blessings, powers, and talents that not only move mountains but heal the nastiest wounds of our sickening environment. Now look to your neighbor and tell him or her the following: GOOD CHANGE IS HERE; EVERYTHING IS GONNA BE ALRIGHT.


Once we have made the appropriate corrections in our lives, especially in the area of our cognition, we must stand guard and prevent any information or activities that are inconsistent with our new walk to take a stake in our lives. Negativity and opportunities of adverse content will not perish just because we have chosen to improve upon ourselves. In many cases, it only reinvents itself and turns up the heat in a ferocious act of desperation. However, we possess the power in our minds, in our positive union, whether the ills of society and the bouts with irrationality will affect our well-being during our mission-filled growth towards our highest self. Unequivocally, NO ONE or NO THING has absolute power over where we want to be, over us developing into our best versions of human beings. Reaching deep into the annals of human experience, (excluding forced slavery) man’s greatest foe has always been that of him or herself. 

Okay, let’s take a minute and do a mental exercise. I want everyone to close their eyes and passionately fathom themselves living within accomplishment of their goals, being able to assist loved ones on a whim’s notice, being happy and humble at the same time.


Are there any volunteers who would like to share their experience? We have time for three. 


Breathing life into anything of distinction begins with a vision then passionately thinking it into existence. After the sparks of general development, it takes calculated action and determination to foster said concept into complete fruition. We, Prevail Institute, will embody such notion. 


D. Allen Miller

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