"Dang, I didn't know this book was going to be so freaking good. I don't read fiction a lot but am happy I decided to read this book. The plot was excellent. Go Karlinda!" -- Tina D./St. Louis, MO 2013


Staggering Heights was deemed an all-time favorite and received 4.5 stars out of 5 from RAWSISTAZ Review, one of the nation’s leading review boards for African-American authors. (2010)

“Without question, Staggering Heights is one of the best novels I’ve ever read. Then, too, I wouldn’t expect anything less from a good brother who never fails to put forward his best in all that he does.” -- Mary L. Wilson, Author (2009)

Staggering Heights was good as hell. I had a good time reading it. Really found it hard to put down. It was even better than D. Allen Miller’s first book, Scarlet Tears, although it was a good book, too. I will read Staggering Heights a second time.” —Ollie M./Brooklyn, Illinois (2009)

Staggering Heights was awesome!”—Terra Matthews/Pontoon Beach, Illinois

Staggering Heights is damn good! That book had me crying. Damn, it was sooo damn good. I really can’t believe how good it was.”—Angel/Granite City, IL (2009)

“I read Staggering Heights in 2 days. D. Allen’s first book was good, but Staggering Heights is even better. I want one for my sister who is away in prison.”—Slim/Brooklyn, IL (2009)

“Damn, that book was good! I read it in one sitting, and it had me crying. I will be sure to buy all of D. Allen Miller’s books.”—Glenda Emerson/Madison, IL

“This book is a motherfucker. I couldn’t put it down. The characters are good as hell.”—Donna/B-Town, IL

“That book was so real. I can’t even explain and am still in awe. I often put myself in that book in so many ways and cried all the way through. Wow, D. Allen, you are an exceptional writer.”—Cynthia Gordon/STL, MO (2009)

“Yeah, D. Allen, you came with another one—a classic. I love the book.”—Kyle Beckett/Brooklyn, IL (2009)

“It starts off with a bang, good action. The characters are excellent. Another great book.”—Kevin Slater/Madison, IL (2009) 

“Man, D. Allen, you are a good ass writer. I can’t stop reading this book. It’s amazing that you can write from a woman’s point of view so well. I want to marry you.”—C-Love/STL, MO (2010)

“This book was good, good, good. It caused me to cry.”—Felicia Gayden/E. St. Louis, IL (2010)

“Your book was very good.”—Lorna/Madison, IL (2010)

“Staggering Heights was really, really, reeeealy good. I could picture all the characters, all the scenes, and the ending was heart touching, a surprise ending. I read the book in one day, couldn’t put it down.”—Tiara/STL, MO (2010)

“Staggering Heights starts off with some heat. I couldn’t put it down. Before I knew it, 30 minutes had passed. For real, that book is tough!”—Bruce/Southwest Financial (2010)

“Staggering Heights is a HIT! It is GREAT! I really enjoyed reading it. The story reminded me of myself, my life, and what all I go through. D. Allen Miller writes good literature, and I’m happy to know him. He really encourages me to become a better writer.”—Liz Shaw/Maplewood, MO (2010)

“Awesome book! This is one of the most exciting books that I’ve read in a long time. From the start, it has you laughing and is filled with emotions. This is a must read!!”—Pamela C./Lovejoy, IL (2010)

Staggering Heights was cool, pretty good. I’m now letting my gal’s mother read it.”—Lamon Cook/Brooklyn, IL (2010)

“Damn, D. Miller, you be writing yo’ ass off. I couldn’t put that damn book down. That shit is serious. It’s amazing how you think of all that shit. The first book was good as hell, a helluva story; and this one is too. My wife is reading it now.”—Scooter/Edwardsville, IL (2010)

“D. Allen, you're an excellent author, one I’m proud to know. I really loved that book. I wanted to escape life so that I could finish it without being interrupted! (LOL) It had my heart beating fast and your words can truly be felt!”—Michelle Riehle/Milwaukee, Wisconsin (2010)

“Yo’ book was good as hell. I really enjoyed it! I now want to buy a copy of the first one.”—Jackie/B-Town, IL (2010)

“Damn, I can’t get enough of reading yo’ books. D. Miller you a damn good writer, a handsome one too. Man, that story real as hell. All my friends want a copy. I got you.”—Suprena/Florissant, MO (2010)

“D. Allen Miller is a great book author, one who writes excellent books.”—Shirley Fulton/Memphis, TN (2010)

“Just wanted you to know that I finished reading your novel, Staggering Heights. It is by far one of the best fiction novels I've read in a long, long time. You brought the characters to life with such in-depth clarity. It was action-packed and suspenseful from start to finish. Call me biased, but I give you "2 THUMBS UP"... A Must Read... For Mature Audiences Only (LOL) I am soooo proud of you. Love Always.”—Corona Hines/LA, Cali (2010)

“I read the first chapter of Staggering Heights and fell in love with it. It’s truly an amazing story, and may God continue to bless D. Miller in his endeavors.”—Lisa Williams/IL (2011)

“Realistical, remarkable, incredible, outstanding!”—Dale Jones/Edwardsville, IL (2011)

“I love this book, couldn’t put it down. It was deep.”—Marshanice/Cedar Rapids, Michigan (2011)

“Your book was great! I finished reading it fast.”—Lynn Aldridge/Fairview Heights, IL

“Your book was very interesting from the start. I enjoyed it and am preparing to read the other one.”—Nicole Graham/Dellwood, MO (2010)

“All I can say is WOW! Keep up the good work.”—Roberta Obadon/Houston,TX 

“That book is good, real good.”—Darryl Paulfrey/Madison, IL (2011)

“Man, I couldn’t put that book down. It’s an attention grabber. I loved it so much, and I wrote an essay on it for one of my college classes. I’ve been talking about the book so much until many of my classmates want to read it.”—Joy Fridge/Fairview Heights, IL (2011)

"STAGGERING HEIGHTS was really phenomenal. I had to stop and see if it was fiction or nonfiction. It made me cry at some points and upset at others. Do stuff really happens in the strip clubs like that for real? I’m going to read it again. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. LOOKING FORWARD TO READING SOME MORE OF YOUR BOOKS SOON."—Saraya Turnage/Venice, IL (2011)

"Wow! As my son-in-law, I wasn't aware of the effect your book could have my gal and other friends. I bought two books from you, and your books had all of them crying. Man, they love Staggering Heights. Proud of you!" -- Chris Henderson/St. Louis, MO (2011)

Hi D. Allen!  This novel is absolutely astounding, heart wrenching, impelling, and sensationally emotional.  In fact, there is no better adjective than staggering!  It was quite exhilarating to share in the triumphs and tribulations experience by the  main character.   I've sustained a wide range of emotions, ranging from deep despair to intoxicating joy and happiness.  This inspiring novel stimulated and evoked a very rare and real emotion from me.  Seldom do I allow myself to indulge in tears.  I found myself weeping, praying, scolding, cheering, laughing, and praising.  There were also times when I felt excited, shocked, alarmed, amazed and simply flabbergasted.  Although this very remarkable novel had a  multitude of irreverent language, which I realize has its purpose.I found it to be very exceptional, extraordinary, and phenomenal.  I would like to purchase another copy in print to mail to my niece. I will be pestering you for another great distraction to read.  Hope you and your family are doing well and hope to hear from you soon." -- Aletia Steele/South St. Louis, MO (2010)

"Great book, D. A powerful read for a book with less than 100 pages. Every Black person can benefit by reading this book. Impactful! Meaty!" -- Wallace Tillman, Sr./Puyallup, WA (2017)

"7 Steps is amazing. It's not a lot of pages but filled with good information. This book affected me both intellectually and emotionally. Really great book." -- Vashti Reigns/West End Saint Louis (2017)


Scarlet Tears was considered an insightful, good read and received 3.5 stars out of 5 from RAWSISTAZ Review, one of the nation’s leading review boards for Black authors. (2008)

"Scarlet Tears is a cleverly written novel, a must read for avid book lovers. It should be a candidate for Oprah's Book of the Month." -- Felicia Gayden, Poet Extraordinaire (E. St. Louis, IL/June 2007)

"Wow! Scarlet Tears takes you on a wild rollercoaster of emotions. It reaches out to everyone, leaving you thirsty for more." - Dejia Andrews, IT Specialist and Entrepreneur (St. Louis, MO/June 2007)

"OMG! D. Allen is an incredible writer. He's right up there with the best of Black authors." -- Michelle B. of Madison, IL (September 2007/Scarlet Tears)

"Boy, that book was good. It's so real. Felt like I knew everybody in yo' book. Man, I couldn't put it down. Was taking it to work so I could finish reading it. Loved it! All my coworkers want to read it as well." -- Shermnita Felton, Jacksonville, IL (2007)


Prince Joe Henry, Negro League legend and columnist for the Riverfront Times in St. Louis, MO, says, “D. Allen Miller is a spectacular author and a phenomenal man who has a loving heart and a strong thirst to uplift humanity. His stories are movies in the making.” (2007)

"D. Allen is not only a great author, but a well-rounded speaker who is prepared, positive, polished, and exciting. He flows through his engagements with passion and purpose. More importantly, he's sincere and empowers others to do better." -- Pam Calvert, Program Director (December 2008/Collinsville, IL)

"After listening to D. Miller, I have nothing but an energy rush. I both love and respect his craft. He leads by example and is committed to improving the lives of our youth. I've learned so much from him and look forward to his every speech." -- Tyrone J., Catalyst for Positive Change (November 2014/Cool Valley, MO)