Paperback * Published by Infinite World Communications * 343 pages

​ISBN 13: 978-1-60386-007-9 / $14.95

Scarlet Tears, a fast-paced urban suspense novel, shows the story of Mahogany Brown, a twenty-two-year-old African-American college graduate from suburbia St. Louis. Mahogany is eager for romance and in-depth knowledge of her race. She adventures off into the concrete jungle of St. Louis' violent inner city, the Midwestern inferno of devil's play, with Jessica, a young woman who has her own selfish desires. 

Chaos invades Mahogany's well-being through the very people she loves. Faced with betrayal. death issues, a sickening reality, legal troubles, demonic nightmares, and a trail of personal problems, Mahogany finds herself in an evil clutch that won't let loose.

Review: "Scarlet Tears is addictive, a sensational read!" -- E. St. Louis Monitor


Paperback * Published by Prevail Communications * 72 pages

ISBN 13: 978-0-98384-320-7 / $14.95

Author Kay Taylor and D. Allen Miller teamed up in the creation of a masterpiece.

More than just a book with facts and figures, 7 Steps To Kill My Nigga is a handbook that assists one through every phase of being black in America, from combatting racism to sacred healing. Each page provides practical steps and useful pointers to ensure proper growth and development for the reader. The occasional exhaustion associated with being black will dissipate as one arm him or herself with the advice in this manual. Poised, well-prepared and centered, 7 Steps opens the gateway for real black empowerment, the long-awaited sunrise for a brighter day.

Afterword by Kevin Washington, Ph.D. (President of the Association of Black Psychologists)


Paperback * Published by Prevail Communications * $49.99

D. Allen Miller is here to stay. His novels and nonfiction are on wheels, whipping corners, burning rubber, speeding down the fast lane, and making a scene like a runaway bandit. Don't hesitate to add this exciting, adrenaline-pumping body of work to your collection. Available now at a discounted price.

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Paperback * Published by Prevail Communications * 195 pages

ISBN 13: 978-0-9838432-9-0 / $15.95

Sexually abused as a young girl, Karlinda MacArthur matures into a beautiful woman: well-educated, goal-driven, caring, wealthy, and independent. Yet she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. Desiring answers to the past and psychological relief from sporadic outbreaks of evil rebellion, Karlinda set out on a dangerous quest to confront her assaulters. Her chief adversary, Father Daniel, is an exalted Catholic priest with powerful connections and an endless thirst to remain at the pinnacle of his game.

Stubborn in her efforts, Karlinda exposes Father Daniel to public humiliation and possible prosecution--elements that define a deadly path of destruction in small-town Texas.

"The Hunt for an Occult Serial Killer in America’s Oldest Black Town"

Paperback * Published by Infinite World Communications * 293 pages

ISBN 13: 978-1-60725-566-6 / $17.95

What happens when a popular young woman loses her children, a small village has secrets to protect, or a serial killer’s thirst to destroy is more powerful than Scripture?

Award-winning author D. Allen Miller answers these questions and more in Staggering Heights, an urban tale of high tension and suspense. 

Staggering Heights covers a range of emotions, desires, and territory characteristic of a young lady trapped in poverty. A confused boyfriend, a disloyal best friend, a psychotic serial killer, and a downpour of unanswered questions refuse to let hell rest. It’s through persistence and a woman’s tears hell encounters a date with mass protest.